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Tourist Attractions in Wyoming State

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State : Wyoming,WY


Wyoming is a state located in the mountainous region of Western United States. It is one of the most
moderately populated states in the USA because only 0.6 million inhabitants live here. Almost half of
Wyoming is allotted as public land. The capital of Wyoming is Cheyenne, the largest city and the
important commercial port of the state. The main sources of Wyoming's commercial requirements are
agricultural production, mineral extraction and energy development. The picturesque landscapes,
uneven mountain chains with glowing canyons, history of cowboy and rodeo with magnificent
wilderness regions make sure that tourism is a growing industry in the small state.

Cheyenne Frontier Days

Located in Cheyenne, the largest city of Wyoming, Cheyenne Frontier days is the biggest outdoor rodeo
of the world. The festival takes place annually and it is know for excellent quality rodeo action and
attracts almost 200,000 viewers and tourists. It is ten days long celebration which includes, major
parades, bright carnivals and night concerts. A museum adjoins the performing grounds which houses
several exhibits showing the culture and heritage of the town. It also displays historic artifacts and
objects used by the cowboys from the past.

National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

Located in the town of Casper, National Historic Trails Interpretive Center is an analytical museum. It
covers an area of approximately 1000 square meters. Tourists can explore the historical paintings and
galleries representing the first residents of the United States. The museum offers an illustrative
experience relating to the National Historic Trails and educating the visitors about the influence these
trails have had on the American history. Apart from this, the center's special events and multimedia
presentations attract several travelers.

Devil’s Tower National Monument

The Devil's tower is a rock formation from an aged volcano that grew up to an astonishing height of
1,200 feet. Located in Crook County, Wyoming, it was declared a National Monument in 1906. Visitors
can make use of specially paved pathway to escalate the tower and arrive at its top. Hiking trails have
been made that travel around wild-flower grasslands and adjoining woods to give visitors an amazing
wilderness experience. The tower has now become an important tourist destination and allure millions
of travelers every year.

Yellowstone National Park

Without visiting the Yellowstone National Park, a Wyoming trip would not be considered as complete.
The place is the spectacular national Park and jungle area in the country. Formed by volcanic eruptions
millions of years ago, the Yellowstone National Park boasts underfoot hot springs which ruptures into
buzzing geysers as soon as they reach the surface. The park features multiple ecosystems with rich
wildlife including foxes, bears, bison and wolves that roam around openly. Waterfalls developing from
the magnificent lakes offer splendid scenic views. It is an extremely favored tourist destination that prebookings should be done for a tour.

Grand Teton National Park

Established in 1929, Grand Teton National Park is situated in the Northwestern region of the state. The
park is famous as a treasure in Wyoming because of its sparkling lakes and picturesque towering peaks.
The pointed and uneven mountainous range rises at a height of over 12,000 feet and along with it's calm
grasslands; it runs through several valleys and national parks. Grand Teton is a home to many species of
freshwater animals, birds and mammals. Grand Teton National Park is a heaven for wildlife buffs,
photographers and hiking lovers.

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