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Top Best Beaches Florida USA

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State : Florida,FL


The long gulf stretches and seafront land make Florida a perfect holiday destination for coastline lovers.
You will find beach communities in the state that meet the needs of families, young partyers, outdoor
enthusiasts and honeymoon couples. What is your idea of a best beach? Is it where you can do best
surfing, best sunbathing or best shell collecting? You will find everything here at the beaches of Florida.
So, here are some of the best beaches of Florida.

Clearwater Beach

A safe place for beach-sports fans and a topmost spot for family-oriented beach holidays. Clear water
beach gives abundant activity options to the visitors. This 3 mile long peninsula is an excellent place for
playing volleyball, sunbathing, parasailing and dolphin-watching cruises. Clearwater Beach is known for
pier 60, one of the most attractive fishing piers in Florida. It offers entrance to fishing activities,
shopping, entertainment, fine dining etc.

South Beach

South Beach is definitely one of the popular beaches in the world. The fantastic Miami atmosphere,
bound by the vibrant restaurants and bars, offers people the classy lifestyle they are looking for. South
Beach is known for transparent water, dazzling white sand and the fantastic shopping nearby the beach.
After spending time on the sand in the afternoon, you can go to a brewery, winery or on a good tour
with your kids.

Sanibel Beach

Sanibel island, a barrier island located on Florida’s southern Gulf Coast. A great place for spending
quality time with your family or for a romantic getaway. The island is known for beautiful seashells, bird
species and for having my traffic signals. If you want to forget about the bustling city life for some time,
then the place is for you. You can also enjoy swimming and snorkeling on Sanibel Island.

Siesta Beach

Siesta Beach has eight-mile long coastline. The sand here is unique and sparkling made up of pure
quartz crystals. Because of its unique composition, the sand is always cool, even during the hottest
weather. Therefore, the siesta beach is ideal for families traveling with small kids. The siesta beach is
just like a dream come true and is frequently visited by honeymooners. People also like to enjoy
kayaking and picnicking here on the siesta beach.


Situated in the northwestern part of Florida, this beautiful beach is next to Pensacola and Destin. It is
one of the hidden beach jewels of the Florida State that possesses an absolute blue turquoise water,
white sand, lesser crowds, top-class shopping, splendid accommodation and much more. This fantastic
beach also offers great dining choices and a variety of water sports and activities.

Pensacola Beach

The Pensacola Beach is located on the Gulf Islands National Seashore, next to the Florida Panhandle. The
temperature of water on Pensacola Beach is similar to warm bath water. You can also find sea turtles
here so keep a close eye to see the one. When the tires are high, many visitor enjoy boating, swimming,
snorkeling or even surfing. Even, you can also see dolphins very closely from the coast. When you like to
eat something, go to the Pensacola Beach boardwalk and have food at one of the artisan restaurants.
And if you are in the mood of shopping, wander through the stores in the evening.

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