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Romantic Getaways in Virginia state

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State : Virginia,VA


Virginia is a state rooted in tradition and it has many charming places where you can rekindle
your romance if you have been married long. On the other hand, honeymooners will find
delightful places where they can enjoy privacy. Being on a romantic getaway does not mean
only beaches and mountains. A little brush with history is also good for romance and historical
places abound in Virginia. However, most couples prefer natural beauty when it comes to
romance and there is no dearth of it in this lovely state. There are islands, beaches, charming
small towns and more that will help you relax and enjoy the company of your partner in total

Assateague Island National seashore

An average of 2.1 million tourists visit this place due to its white sand beaches. The other
unique attraction of this island is wild ponies. You can take your beloved with you to this island
and find many private places to explore your romantic side. You can also mix some adventure
with romance on this island with paddle boarding, kayaking and even hiking. In fact, indulging in
an adventure together is the best kind of romance.

Chesapeake beach, Chesapeake city

Chesapeake city is a residential district Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel and Lynn haven Inlet. This
place was developed a century ago and has a lovely beach where you can find the best part
about each other as a couple. The beach has lovely white sands and also water sports. Apart
from simply lying hand in hand on the beach you can also take part in water sports. Or you can
go back to your childhood and built sand castles.

Burkes Garden

There is nothing like being in the lap of nature if you want to express your inner feelings. In the
hectic routine of daily life, the finer emotions get thwarted. However, in Burkes garden the
natural beauty is so astounding that you will feel your emotions gushing out. You will have the
right background to spend some time with nature as a romantic couple. This bowl shaped valley
is described as God’s Thumbprint and offers breathtaking scenery, bird watching, peaceful
hiking and biking and more that both of you can enjoy to your fullest. This place takes you back
to the simpler times when agriculture, religion and education were the main focus of the
people here.


Roanoke is nestled in the valley of the Blue Ridge mountains and is a romantic getaway for
honeymooning couples or simply those who want to rekindle their romance. This is a hilly area
abounding in natural beauty and also gives you the opportunity to indulge in some romantic
adventures like hiking, biking etc. If you are not interested in adventure sports, the natural
beauty of Roanoke is sufficient to provide you the space you need to enjoy your romantic
Above all, Virginia is a state abounding in natural beauty which is just the right thing to
experience your romantic side. The places mentioned above have excellent facilities for
boarding and lodging.

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