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8 Best Romantic Destinations in Alabama

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State : Alabama,AL


Alabama is well-known for the natural landscape and scenic views.
The romantic destinations always help in bringing out the romance
between two and offering a precious moment to be cherished. The
romantic holidays extend lovable memories which help to have a
refreshed life. Romantic trips are prominent for having a refined

Bear Creek Log Cabins

This is a perfect romantic destination located in Fort Payne.
Spending quality time together lasts relationship goals. Hence,
Bear Creek Log Cabins provides an opportunity for the couple to
have their quality time together by offering different cabins that
have all the facilities in a family need. Bear Creek Log Cabin is
surrounded by forest and farmland on the slopes of Lookout

Gorham’s Bluff

The Gorham’s Bluff in Pisgah is one of the most romantic
destinations with amazing views and a good atmosphere.
Gorham’s Bluff Lodge and Cottages over top the Tennessee River
Valley. Gorham’s Bluff Lodge and Cottages have the main lodge
with six marvelous appointed rooms. The couple who wants to get
away from the daily hustles, Gorham’s Bluff is a super perfect
romantic destination.

Harriott II Riverboat

Harriott II Riverboat is a nice choice for the people who have to
spend quality time with their loved ones. Harriott II Riverboat
offers the wonderful view of Montgomery and the Alabama River.
Montgomery’s greatest attraction is having enjoyment on a cruise.
Dancing and dining with the loved ones will definitely be the
perfect night out for the family.

Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain is situated in Georgia. The attractions of
Lookout Mountain are Rock City, Ruby Falls, the incline Railway,
and Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park.

Cotton Row Restaurant

The Cotton Row Restaurant is placed in historic Huntsville
constructed in 1821. Cotton Row Restaurant is a good option for
the couple who is interested in dining with some entertainments.
The good memories of the moments that shared together are
something to be cherished forever. So that many people would
prefer Cotton Row Restaurant as their romantic destination.

Fairhope Avenue

Fairhope Avenue is located in South Alabama. People who prefer
to walk around with the loved one, Fairhope Avenue is the perfect
romantic destination to explore. Fairhope Avenue is highly
recommended for the shopaholic people because local shops are
more in Fairhope Avenue.


Evangeline is placed in Tuscaloosa, which is famous for its stylish
decor and charming looks. Evangeline is a very calm and quiet
place so that it is a perfect place for the couple to share their
precious moments together. People can enjoy and relax under the
twinkle lights of the restaurant’s patio if there is having a good

Alabama Theatre

Alabama Theatre provides a delightful experience in Birmingham.
Live Music is the main attraction in Theatre experience. This
intimate setting offers a close and personal experience that people
can never ever forget. Theatre provides an opportunity to have a
nostalgic moment of watching a classic movie. Symphonies are the
major highlight for the people who love music. Having time
together with the loved one in this surrounding would be the best
moment, anyone would have dreamt of.

Getaways with the dear ones to the favorite romantic destination
has been essential in everyone’s life for having a better relationship goal.

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