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6 Best Things To Do In Wisconsin State

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State : Wisconsin,WI


Beauty and charm of Wisconsin are splendid which will never let you get bored and make
your trip memorable forever. A state, known for its football team and cheese has lots of
other surprises waiting for you. Let's explore some of them –

Interstate State Park

Interstate Park is a combination of two parks, one in Wisconsin and the other one in
Minnesota, both joined at their borders. It is a heavenly gorgeous park with amazing
swimming beaches as well as great and strenuous hiking paths with a spectacular view.
One who has already been there can't wait to go back again and enjoy there. It is a serene
blessing and tranquil to live by the river not far from restaurants here. This is a highly
recommended camping place which will leave you breathless.

Wisconsin State Capitol

It is located in the capital of Wisconsin, Madison and covered by Capitol Square, Supreme
Court, chambers of the Wisconsin legislatures and Governor’s Office. Its 284 feet high makes
it the tallest building of Madison with its dome made of white granite.
One can walk along corridors made of marbles, see fossils in limestone floors, railings, and
walls. One can barely ignore the enchantingly beautiful ornate rotunda blended in mosaics
and ceiling decorations.

Olbrich Botanical Gardens

This mesmerizing garden is also situated in Madison, the capital of Wisconsin. This gorgeous
garden is divided into seven sections. In exploring Sunken Gardens which is wrapped by
limestone terraces, Rose Garden laden with lots of varieties of flowers and other flora and
fauna you won't even realize when your whole day spent in this soothing and relaxing place.
You will find clean bathrooms, drinkable water, and few gift shops as you enter the garden.


These islands of paradises are a group of 22 islands with lots of lighthouses, sea caves, and
dense forests in northern Wisconsin. Red sandstone, lands eroded by melting glacier’s water
have created this island consequently left it beautiful and marvelous.
You can do boating, fishing (trout or salmon), hunting (if you get permit) and trapping,
kayaking by switching islands, camping or scuba diving to explore its wildlife.

Milwaukee Art Museum

This museum founded in 1872 and contains 35,000 art pieces. It has four floors and ancient
display works including some of its best are German Expressionism, American decorative
arts, and Haitian Art.
If you are fond of artwork then this is the best place for you as you couldn't take away your
eyes from these hypnotically beautiful crafts. Milwaukee Art Museum is one of the largest
museums in US. Wisconsin is also famous as 'America's Dairy land' as it comes in leading
dairy producers, especially cheese. Apart from this, paper manufacturing, I.T, and tourism
also contribute to its economy.

Cave of the Mounds

Located in North America, Cave of Mounds, also known as ‘the jewel box’ because of its
natural limestone which makes it stunning and beautiful from inside. One can also enjoy
here Fossil Dig, Gemstone Mine, Butterfly Gardens and Gift Shops of Rock. It spreads in 370
acres along with around 9.5 miles of trails.

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