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5 Best Beaches in Connecticut

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The Best Beaches in Connecticut
Connecticut is a small state in the north-eastern part of England. Another name of Connecticut is 'The
Nutmeg State'. Because of its proximity to New York and New Jersey, it is also considered as Tristate area.
Connecticut is a beautiful place and known for its outstanding landscape, fabulous history, and incredible
forests. Besides form, this beauty, the center of attraction of this state is its vibrant beaches. The beaches
of this state are famous for its natural beauty and also for other state attractions. Below is the list of top

The Calf Pasture Beach

The calf beach located in Norwalk Island, Connecticut. The calf pasture is a historical beach, but besides
this, it is also a park that can easily reachable by road. The calf beach area has a boat ramp, shaded
playground, fishing pier, a restaurant. Apart from this, the beach also has the facility of outdoor sports
facilities like volleyball courts, baseball ground, skateboard park. There is also a restroom available for the
usage of the public. the calf beach is also considered as an essential landmark on the Norwalk Islands.
Every year on the 4th July Norwalk celebration also occurs on this beach.

The Clinton Town Beach

The second most popular beach present in Connecticut is Clinton town beach. The beach offers some
fabulous sunbathing. This beach also provides swimming time during high tides. The Clinton beach
features with a lot of facilities snack bars, walking the trail, restrooms, playground, picnic tables, sports
corners for basketball, volleyball court, bocce court and a lot more. Another name of the Clinton beach is
Town beach. One can also experience walking out to the sandbars. The beach pass holders can also visit
during summer seasons.

The Ocean Beach Parks

The ocean beach by National Geography voted as the best beach. One can imagine it as snow ice-white
beach which is having a 50-meter long freshwater pool, video game arcade, having a mini-golf course,
joyful rides, food courts and a lot more to be cover. The nature walk also soothes your eyes with
spectacular bird pavilion. This Ocean beach serves as all in one place to spot by visitors from all around
the world.

The Hammonasset Beach State Park

The other most beautiful beach is Hammonasset beach park. It is situated in Madison, Connecticut. The
beach has two miles-long shoreline. It is having the most extensive coastline among all beaches of
Connecticut. Hammonasset Beach is the centre of attraction of most of the visitors and receives millions
of visitors every year. The beach is loaded with various recreational activities like swimming, boardwalk,
sunbathing, fishing. This beach is also famous for campers and offers above 500 electric camping sites.
The beach is operated through the Connecticut energy department and environmental protection.

Hole-in-the-Wall Beach

The Hole-in-the-wall beach is another most beautiful beach. It is a part of 62 acres McCook's Point Park
situated in the town of East Lyme. The beach is famous for its facilities and offers ample of opportunities
for joy like Swimming, canoes, Kayakers, fishing, crabbing. The visitors can also get boat launch pass is you
want to use this beach for kayaking. The sandbar walks and hikes can also enjoy by visitors on the beach
area. The beach also has a gorgeous view of the sunset. In the summertime, because of high tides, the
beach has also lifeguards patrolling for the safety of visitors. The exciting part of the beach is it also allow
your dogs on the beach.
So, here are some best beaches that are present in Connecticut. The beauty of these beaches and the
facilities offers in them attracts most of the visitors.

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