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4 best tourist attractions in Iowa State

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State : Iowa,IA


The State of Iowa, USA, is located in the heart of the United States of America and is the top producer of corn in the country. The state has many attractions, including the state capital of Des Moines and the second-largest city Cedar Rapids. There is much of Midwestern charm which has people visiting Iowa come back again. In Iowa, you will find urban attractions like the National Mississippi river museum and aquarium to enhance your knowledge. At the same time, there are also natural attractions like several state parks like the Maquoketa caves and lovely landscapes like Bridges of Madison County, which inspire the creative side of a person.

State Capitol building

The Iowa State Capitol building in Des Moines is not just a great looking gold-domed symbol, but instead, it is a portal into the history of the state of Iowa. Located at the top of the hill on Grand Avenue, and it provides a great view of downtown Des Moines. This building houses Iowa Senate, house of representative, Iowa Supreme court, and many other state official offices. Even the governor of the state has his or her office in this building. The capitol building is not just about being the central location of a lot of the government of Iowa; it is also an impressive display of design and architecture. Many historical artifacts and fascinating exhibits pertaining to the state are well-housed in this building.

The bridges of Madison county

These bridges were just a part of the life for the people living in this area before the movie by the same name became a hit. These bridges have been around since the late 19th century. There were total nineteen covered bridges, initially out of which now only five are remaining. These remaining five bridges are on the National Historic register, and they attract visitors from all parts of the country throughout the year. These bridges also inspire the photographer in you, along with being a perfect cause for a scenic adventure. When visiting this part of the state, you should also pay a visit to the Winterset historic town square or the birthplace of John Wayne and the museum adjoining it, which provides an opportunity to learn about the most recognized cowboy, the Duke.

The Grotto of redemption

The group of nine separate grottos, which have been handcrafted by a local pastor and some people helping him. These grottos are built from precious stones and gems and depict the story of Jesus Christ. It is a truly unique attraction in Iowa. Whatever your religious beliefs may be, you will enjoy the superior craftsmanship that has gone into the building of these grottos. This Grotto of redemption located in West Bend and hence is also known as the West Bend grotto. It shows what a single man with a mission can achieve in life.

Des Moines Art center

This art center provides a venue to enjoy art since the year 1948. Not just visitors, but even locals visit this center, which is well known for exhibiting rotating works of painting, sculpture and photography. There are many mixed-media displays and a permanent collection, which includes artists like Georgia O'Keefe to Edward Hopper. The entry to this art center is free of cost. There are many other beautiful attractions in Iowa, and you will feel enriched by these attractions if you pay a visit and spare some time exploring the state.

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