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4 best places to visit in Connecticut state

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State : Connecticut,CT


Connecticut is one of the first 13 colonies and is at the southernmost part of the six states of
New England. The first Europeans to settle here were the Dutch, who settled near Hartford. The
English soon followed from Plymouth a colony of Massachusetts and they were interested in
establishing a trading position for the beaver pelts which were quite lucrative during those times.
The four mile wide harbor of New Haven made this one of the most active ports in the
northeastern part of the country. The growing manufacturing industry also flourished as the
access to the markets was provided. New Haven also became a center for early education as
the Yale university was founded. The modern tourists take great interest in these early
influences along with the culture of the Native Americans which can be still witnessed in
Connecticut. There are plenty of things to do in this state for the avid tourist.

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