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4 Best outdoors in Arkansas state

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State : Arkansas,AR


The location of Arkansas state is a very fortunate one as it is located at the junction of
mountains of the Eastern Seaboard, the Midwest, and the south. This provides great
opportunities to outdoor lovers. Adventure enthusiasts should definitely visit Arkansas state
because it provides many outdoorsy things to do. There are a number of rivers and mountains
in this state for water sports and activities like hiking, mountain biking trekking etc. It would take
a lifetime to actually completely enjoy everything that Arkansas State outdoors have to offer.
However, there are some places that you must definitely visit if you are a serious outdoors lover.

Little Rock

Little Rock is a place that provides cycling opportunities not just for mountain bikers but even
the casual cyclists. The Big Dam Bridge forms a wonderful structure over the Arkansas river in
which you can enjoy water sports. It is also a junction of several miles of trails that can be used
for biking, trekking, camping and more adventure activities. These trails connect Little rock and
North Little Rock. On both sides of the river the bridge links the trails which in all measure 88
miles in a loop.

Fourche Creek

The country has few urban wetlands like this one and it is the most important one. Paddling is
one activity you can indulge in among many others in this area. This wetland system was
subject to pollution for a long time, but the efforts of organizations like Audubon Institute and
also the government, have largely restored the ecosystem of this area. These deep green
swamplands should be explored by every nature lover.

Hot Springs

The local National Park in this area is the oldest protected land within the National Park system
although it is not the oldest national park. This bit of trivia aside you can well understand the
adventure opportunities that such an old national park will provide. The hot springs themselves
are a great attraction and they were set aside by the government for protection. Apart from
viewing these lovely springs, you can indulge in trekking, hiking and cycling to your heart’s
content. At the same time, you can go paddling or fishing in the Lake Ouachita.

Northwest Arkansas

The main attraction of Northwest Arkansas is the Ozark mountains and in fact some say that it
is the most important attraction of the entire state of Arkansas. There are many forests here
which provide opportunities for camping, trekking, and getting up close to the wild flora and
fauna. There are rock gulleys, flinty valleys and ice cold springs which you will really appreciate
if you are a true outdoors lover.
Above all, the state of Arkansas is a dream land for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.
So, if you are really in the mood for taking a great doze of the outdoors and enjoy them to your
heart’s content then just take a trip to Arkansas. Due to the popularity of this state with outdoors
lovers, the infrastructure has also built up very well. You will find many agencies organizing
adventure trips to different places in Arkansas and the boarding and lodging facilities are quite
easy to find and affordable if you wish to organize the trip yourself.

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