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3 Best Weekend getaways in California

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State : California,CA


If you are looking to rejuvenate your energies over the weekend, then California is just the right state to hang out for a weekend getaway. There is so much to see and do in this state that you will find yourself yearning for more after your weekend trip is over. There are a vast landscape varied were one can experience many different places to visit anywhere in California. If you are a wine lover, California has some best local wine and beaches, or only for doing something off the beaten path of adventures; there is so much in this state of California. Even the adventure seekers will be delighted with the opportunities that this state offers for outdoor adventures. Let us look at some of the places that are a must-visit if you are planning a weekend trip to California.

Catalina island

Catalina Island is located off the shores of Los Angeles, and it is an excellent place to relax over the weekend. If you are the laid back type then you can chill out in a cabana and if you are looking for an active time, then there is the trans Catalina trail to go trekking. Even shopaholics will enjoy the fun shops on Crescent Avenue quite alluring because of the wide variety of goods available here. The accommodations range from budget friendly to high end hotels and you can take your pick from among them


Solvang is a quaint town in California which has a unique theme which is quite inviting. It is in fact, a pretty and stylish European type village where you will find windmills, local bakeries which serve Danish pastries, and a number of fun shops to look for mementos and souvenirs. Solvang is also known as a wine destination in the Sana Ynez Valley, so you can also tour the wineries and taste wines at the nearby vineyards. October is an especially good time to visit Solvang because of the wine making activities. During this time, you can stomp on grapes and enjoy the excellent wine, food and music. Spending a weekend in this town will find yourself in a completely different new era and atmosphere.

Napa Valley

The Napa valley is an ever popular spot for a weekend getaway in California, It is a very beautiful place same as it was years ago and in spite of the fact the that you will get all the modern amenities here, it still has an old world fashion feel about it. Are you a food lover like me? So this is a great place for foodies and you will also enjoy touring the vineyards with wine tasting on offer. This is also a great place to embark on biking tours, whether you choose the paved paths that run through the town, or the vineyard roads which have wide shoulders, and serene views of the rolling hills. When in Napa make it a point to visit the Oxbow public market to take in an experience of many shops and eating joints. Some new breweries have come up in this town if you wish to add to your experience. All in all, there are lots to do in California over a weekend and a chat with your travel agent can give you many ideas to choose from.

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