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3 Best Weekend getaways in Arkansas state

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State : Arkansas,AR


There are many options to choose from if you are planning a weekend getaway in Arkansas
state. You can choose from the Ozarks, in the Timberlands of southern Arkansas, or the
lowlands of the east of this state.
The spas of Hot Springs are well known and you can also dip into the springs for a mineral
water bath. Then there is kayaking along the Caddo river or a drive-through safari in Gentry,
there is also the diamond digging activity in Murfreesboro. Apart from the natural beauty there
are the urban attractions including museums, arts, and excellent restaurants.

Mountain Pine

This area is known for its fresh air and natural beauty as it is surrounded by the Ouachita
National Forest. It is also on the sea shore and you can enjoy snorkeling in the crystal clear
waters. The scuba diving experience in Lake Ouachita is also very popular with adventure
seekers. This lake is supposed to be one of the cleanest lakes in America. The cafes here are
popular with tourist due to their delicious fare. The corner café and Brady mountain restaurant
are particularly famous. The latter is known for its lakeside dinners and in fact you can also
arrive at this restaurant and lounge in a boat. Because there is a dock at the back.

Hot Springs

Hot Springs is located an hour’s drive east of Little rock, and is one of the most popular holiday
destination in Arkansas. There are more than 20 spas here where you can enjoy the pampering
of your body and spirit and you can treat yourself to a mineral bath and massage. If you spend a
day at one of these spas then you will be rejuvenated and charged for the life back at home.
You can also take a stroll through the downtown historic district and hang out at the Ohio club
which is the oldest bar in the state and in fact it is known that Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel and
other gangsters used to hang out here. In this club you can enjoy live performances and is
known to have staged performances by Al Johnson and Mae West as well.


This town provides the excellent opportunity of canoeing and kayaking in the Caddo River.
Although you can embark on a self guided tour, but it is advisable to opt for professionally
guided tours to better understand the area. The best way to do this is to hire the services of a
good travel agency. Here you can get the experience of Crater of Diamonds State Park which is
the only diamond field in the world accessible to the public. In fact you can keep as many
diamonds as you can find while digging here. It is advisable to take a culinary trip to Texarkana
which is an hour’s drive and you can enjoy authentic Texan cuisine at the many popular
restaurants and BBQ joints.
Conduct thorough research online before you embark upon a tour of Arkansas State and as
mentioned it is best to opt for the services of a good travel agency.

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