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3 Best tourist attractions in Massachusetts state

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State : Massachusetts,MA


Massachusetts has something for everyone with great shopping opportunities, colonial history, and patriotic landmarks, Music, art, lovely beaches, and laid back islands, along with delicious seafood. You can choose what you want to experience, be it classical music concerts, historical tours, or only getting a perfect tan on the beach. Massachusetts is one of the first 13 colonies; this is why you will find much history in this state. However, you can also taste modern-day Massachusetts with the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, and other hip urban delights as well. The landscape of the country varied with must-see sights, rolling mountains, the crashing of waves on the seashore, farmlands, and greenery within the deep forests—the quaint postcard villages and much more that you can enjoy depending on your tastes and preferences.

Freedom trail

It is one of the most iconic of the historical landmarks of colonial America. The Freedom trail winds through the lower part of Boston city and connects 16 attractions and monuments. The red brick line and the brass medallions in the pavement start from the visitor center following
through to the 54 gun frigate called the USS constitution. There are two burying grounds along the way where you can visit the graves of John Hancock, Paul Revere, and the first woman who stepped off the Mayflower. The oldest public building of Boston is the former statehouse because it was where the notorious Boston massacre took place. The birthplace of Benjamin Franklin is a few steps off the trail. There is also the Faneuil Hall who played an essential role in the history of America. Now there is a museum and the marketplace with food stalls, pushcarts, and shops.

Cape Cod beaches

Cape Cod is a peninsula that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. The shoreline measures 560 miles, and most of this is in the form of white sand beaches. Many of the beaches are crowded during the summer, but there is much space for all visitors. On the north shore, there are quieter
and less crowded beaches. These are near Brewster or Sandwich. The beaches of Chatham and Orleans are particularly scenic, and they face the Atlantic facing the shore. These beaches are among the most beautiful places in the state.

Historic houses in Salem

There are many historic places in New England, but few of these places have the sheer quantity variety and quality of the well preserved old homes in Salem. There is the 1642 Witch House, which was the home of the judge Jonathan Corwin who was involved in the witchcraft trials, and
he presided over these trials. In 1962 Salem Witch trials took place, and there is also the house of seven gables, which was made immortal by the book by Nathaniel Hawthorne. This author’s birthplace is also open to visitors. Salem was the hub of the Chinese trade, and therefore, many people grew rich through this trading system. They all have built opulent homes in the city of Salem, and most of these houses are still intact with their period furnishings. Many other places in Massachusetts connect to the history of colonial times, and of course, there are beaches to enjoy water sports or laze in the sun.

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