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3 best things to do in California

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From foggy forests to sunny surf beaches, along with culture and delicious cuisine, the golden state has always a lot to offer the avid tourist. Even if you drive along some of the highways of the country, it can be a rejuvenating experience due to the natural beauty in the state. The roads Mexico to Oregon are quite dramatic and spectacular. Even the culture of the state is as diverse as the landscape. Most people know about Hollywood, but few people know that California is also a leader in art and technology. There are the gigantic redwoods for one kind of tourist, and there is Disneyland for others. The state also has some of the most hostile landscapes in the world, along with some beautiful ones. See the best things to do in California.

Redwood National Park

This park is a vast expanse of beautiful rivers, woodland, and coastline where visitors can indulge in the plethora of outdoor activities. This park has Redwood trees and some of the oldest and largest trees in the world. The wildlife of this forest is also quite exciting and has much variety. Many of the species in the forest are rare and protected. Even if you spend one day walking through the woods at a leisurely pace and gazing up at the trees, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. If you can stay longer, then a hike along one of the many routes is possible. There are five educational visitor centers and an 8-mile drive, which is known as the coastal drive, and it very scenic.


Disneyland is the most famous theme amusement park in the world. It is vast, and you may probably not be able to take the entire park into one day. The most popular Disney characters come to life here. In Disneyland, you can find some very thrilling rides, lively restaurants, shops along with many live shows that you can enjoy in this park. You will also find many themed areas like Main street. This park does not cater to kids only as even grown-ups will find many things of interest here.

Driving along the Big Sur

This drive will span almost 90 miles of the Central Coast of California and is one of the most scenic driving routes of the world. More than 3 million travelers drive on this route from Carmel to the foothills of the Santa Lucia mountains. You will find many points of interest along the way like Bixby Bridge – the tallest single-span bridge in the world, the lighthouse at Point Sur and the Mcway falls, which are 80 feet high and fall into the ocean below. Apart from this, the drive is flanked by natural beauty in all its abundance, and even if you spend a single day driving along this route, then it will be an experience to be cherished. There is much more to do and experience in California, and if you take the advice of a good travel agent, they will be able to guide you regarding your itinerary. They will take into account your budget, tastes, and preferences and design the right trip for you in the state of California.

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