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3 Best romantic getaways in Florida state

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State : Florida,FL


They say that Florida is for lovers, and indeed with the sun-kissed natural beauty of the state, most lovers will find the ideal getaways, along with loads of sunshine and natural beauty there is also a plethora of romantic hotels and accommodations to choose. The weather is excellent year-round, and the exotic seafood is a treat for the taste buds. The coastline has 825 miles of beaches and each one of these beaches is a paradise for lovers. Whether you wish to spend time basking in the sun or indulging in water sports together, you will have the best romantic time in Florida. The city has a wide variety of options for lovers to satisfy.

Watch the sunset on St Pete Beach

This beach is the ideal place to sit and enjoy the evening while listening to live music and, this beach is a paradise for people who enjoy the sunset. There is a wide variety of romantic spots for those who love and, there are breathtaking views that you can enjoy with cold cocktails. You can go to the top of the Hurricane on the Pass a grille section of the beach or laze on the white sands and watch the sun goes down on the horizon.

Enjoy the lighthouse on Key Biscayne

History and romance go hand in hand, and you will experience this yourself if you one climb the 109 stairs themselves to the top of the historic lighthouse. The staircase is a spiral one located in the heart of the building where you can feel thrilled as you have an encounter with this piece of history. From the top, you can experience the beauty of the panoramic views of the ocean and the lighthouse built in 1825, which offers free tours from Thursday to Monday, which is also a great place to propose to your partner, and it will be a one of a kind marriage proposal.

The underwater world at the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is a 120-mile chain of islands that is home to the only living coral barrier reef in the United States. Diving and snorkeling here is a unique experience not to miss it, and in Key Largo, you can swim through schools of brightly colored fish at the John Pennekamp Coral reef state park. It would help if you also make a point to visit the Spiegel Grove, which is a sunken Navy Ship and has an underwater ecosystem of its own. Hereunder the water, there is much chance for romantic indulgence when you can kiss each other amidst the underwater beauty surrounding you. There are many other romantic places in Florida, and you can conduct some research online to find out more about them. IT is also a good idea to approach a travel agency to not only give you advice regarding the best romantic place in Florida to suit your tastes but also plan your trip. With the travel agency taking up the tedious part of making several bookings, you can sit back and enjoy your romance in Florida.

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