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3 Best Adventures and outdoors in California state

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State : California,CA


California is a large state being the third largest state in the country. Usually, this state is Associated with movie stars, avocados, and technology, but there is a lot more to it. There are many places where adventure seekers will find natural beauty to delight them. On the eastern side of the state, there is the Sierra Nevada which is the crowning glory of the country. It is everyone's dream because of right from the Yosemite to Mammoth and, there are stunning views and challenging hikes in the state of California. There are the mountain lakes with crystal clear waters and stunning cliff faces. There are also the Redwood forest, beautiful desert landscapes, hot springs, dreamlike campsites, and rugged coastline. Let us look at some of the best places where you can get the adrenaline rush that you so wanted to see in the future.

Rosewood forest

This forest is a backpacking trip and allows you to explore many of the tallest trees on the globe. Then there are the beautiful starlit views at night. The forest seems like hollow halls with the trees as pillar, and there is the smell of rotting wood and clouds of fog, which make this forest a haven for nature lovers. As the rain splashes lightly in the woods, the noise of traffic and voices will fade away as you move deeper into the woods. The Redwood grove in the woods is outstanding and very inspiring and, the forest is an international biosphere, and here you can enjoy camping. It is also a great idea to take the help and guidance of the travel agencies to organize the trip for you.

The John Muir Trail

This trail offers common challenges and is suitable even for the trekkers who are not exactly in the habit of very tough treks. The scenery along this trek is breathtaking, and the trail goes through three national parks. The High Sierra scenery is the best enjoyed along this trail and, this trail takes you through Yosemite National Park and the summit of Mount Whitney, which is the highest point in the United States. The path is 211 meters long and named in the memory of the influential naturalist and founder of the Sierra Club, John Muir.

Lassen Peak

The best time to hike Lassen peak is the summer and fall seasons. You will be awestruck with the views of Northern California, which includes Lassen National Park, Mount Shasta, and the Trinity Alps. It is also a great idea to opt for a hike during the full moon as the trail is renovated from time to time, and the visibility is high on a full moon night. Lassen peak is the largest plug dome volcano and is an active volcano at that. You can have an up-close encounter with nature on this hike and see the effects of the volcano eruptions around the area.
All in all, there are many adventure activities that you can indulge in California state. IF you love nature and like to get up close to it, then California is the just the right place to visit. If you are planning to visit California, it is advisable to take the help and guidance of the right travel agency to organize your adventure trip anywhere in the state.

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